Enforcement of Intellectual property rights

LegalLink is one of pioneer enterprises in the strategic and effective use of enforcement methods in order to: suspend the production of counterfeits and copyright infringed goods and other variation of these kinds of violation. LegalLink handles cases by both conventional and unconventional methods, depending on specific case. We apply a range of different methods from civil, criminal to administrative methods especially close cooperation with competent authorities against infringed parties.

Our services include:

  • Identify, investigate and survey on the intellectual property rights;
  • Initiate preventative and anti- counterfeit programs, copyright infringed goods (including Public relations);
  • Warn, negotiate, settle disputes and arbitrate;
  • Represent and defense before competent authorities (including National office of Intellectual property, customs, market surveillance agency, competition authority, arbitration and court);
  • Enforce rights.
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