Instruction on Notarization

I. Process of receiving and processing notarial documents:

1Client – Person who requires notarization

Notary – Person who takes in the requirement


Contact client (1) contact documentsNotarization requirement – List of documents for notarization – Notice on fee and notary remuneration
2Notary – Head of the OfficeDecide to take in (2a) or refuse (2b) the documentsNotice on refusal
3Notary and assistant staffHandle notarization document (3a) – Verify and return the documents in case the verification result show that the documents are not qualified (3b) – Draft notarization documentsVerification requirement – Notice on refusal of notarization for draft of contract, transaction (form) – Draft the Statement of Notary (form)
4Notary and assistant staffSign notarization documents
5Accountant – Treasurer – Office staffNotice on fee (5) Collect the fee – Give notary number and sealNotice on fee and notary remuneration – Notarization receipt – Remuneration receipt and Value Added Tax Invoice
6Office staffReturn notarized documents to clients
7ArchivesCreate archive form

Store in archives

Archive form

II. Instruction on notarization procedures:

  1. Sale, gift house-land contract
  2. Automobile sale contract
  3. Deposit, mortgage property
  4. House, land rental contract
  5. Refusal of inheritance property
  6. Entitle to inheritance property
  7. Division of common marital property
  8. Power of attorney
  9. Will
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