LegalLink’s services are not just bound to consultation on domestic trademark registration but also trademark registration in other countries in the world and trademark registration of foreign organizations, individuals in Vietnam.

  • Consult on the establishment of intellectual property rights, trademark;
  • Consult on logo design, trade name, name/brand for goods;
  • Research and provide information on registration of intellectual property rights in Vietnam;
  • Check on the feasibility of the intellectual property rights which are tentative for registration; consult on the registration to protect trademark;
  • Represent client to submit application to protect intellectual property rights, including amendment and renewal of protection title;
  • Consult on contracts, draft contracts, appraise and register licence contracts, technology transfer contracts;
  • Consult on settlement disputes related to contracts, negotiate and represent clients to settle disputes in the area of intellectual property;
  • Enforce intellectual property rights protected: investigate, supervise, negotiate, mediate and initiate litigation or require competent authorities to handle violations.
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